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Anorexia Talk

This is a special area for people who want to have a small, intimate place to discuss anorexia. It was born via the rather long comment section in an article here on this site about 10 activities that help with recovering from anorexia.

a song for anorexia

this week is eating disorders week.  to start it off, here is a song one of my twitter contacts wrote for someone who was struggling with this difficult, often life threatening disorder (the fourth song, “you are not alone”) and the lyrics: you are not alone music & lyrics by bob gray © october 22,… Continue reading a song for anorexia

disfigured: anorexia, obesity and a friendship

reviews seem to be the theme these days. here’s a video i was sent – disfigured. i wonder who shouldn’t watch it. one-track-mind rambo fans, perhaps. people who can’t stand delving into other people’s psyches. those who don’t like sex scenes on screen, no matter how elegantly presented. and if you don’t like watching people… Continue reading disfigured: anorexia, obesity and a friendship

overeating and anorexia: a dialogue

“yes, it is possible to lose too much weight,” said joshua seth in one of his submissions to the carnival of eating disorders, talking about courtney love’s unfortunate adventures with all kinds of eating disorders. my first reaction to this was, “well, yes, duh!” but then it got me to thinking. while we read and… Continue reading overeating and anorexia: a dialogue

recovering from anorexia: overcoming the obstacles

today we have a guest post from aliya, who has been very active in our anorexia recovery forum. she is a young woman who has been in recovery from anorexia for 7 months. she shares her struggles in the beginning of recovery from anorexia and how to overcome them. well, having been in recovery for… Continue reading recovering from anorexia: overcoming the obstacles

anorexia in men

male anorexia is a topic that is not talked or written about very much. anorexia in men is reminiscent of males with a history of sexual abuse, another topic that is underdiscussed, underreported and undertreated. perhaps one thing that they both have in common is a perception of weakness (a very real problem in anorexia,… Continue reading anorexia in men