fractals, rorschach, tarot and meaning making

a few weeks ago, i posted some musings about how fractals might be used in psychological research. how could we use fractals to literally illustrate – turn into a picture – some of our mental and emotional patterns? some of the commenters interpreted this as a type of rorschach test. that was actually not what […]

fractals: pictures of human experience?

what you see below is a fractal. fractals are graphically depicted mathematical functions, maybe similar to how statistical graphs depict mathematics. fractals are colourful geometrical shapes that illustrate repeated, similar mathematical processes. a very simple example would be the equations 1+2=3, 1+2.2=3.2, 1+2.22=3.22, etc. the equations are very similar (referred to as self-similarity among mathematicians) […]

fractals, chaos and psychotherapy

fractals, like the one here, and one of its associated disciplines, chaos theory, have long fascinated me. according to wikipedia Fractals can be most simply defined as images that can be divided into parts, each of which is similar to the original object. Fractals are said to possess infinite detail. fractals in an of themselves […]

chaotic thoughts on employment counselling

another live blog from the career management conference! glenn olien works in employment/career counselling in the construction industry warning: aptly, since this is about chaos theory in counselling, these notes will be somewhat chaotic, more than the two live blogs before. kind of like twitter on a blog 🙂 questions to be discussed: why do […]

a gallery of compassion

you may remember that a little while ago, i participated in the compassion project put together by the three monks. we were all asked about presenting our unique thoughts, definitions and views of compassion. i wrote about compassion and social media. this group writing project has come to an end. i’d like to present to […]

transformation, chaos, and the straw that breaks the camel’s back

last month, i started a little series on change and transformation, inspired by a post by my blogging friend nancy that asked, how does change occur? that time i talked about the precursors of change – the “rumblings”, so to say, that precede an earthquake. aaah, but is it an earthquake? is transformation really about […]