fractals: pictures of human experience?

what you see below is a fractal. fractals are graphically depicted mathematical functions, maybe similar to how statistical graphs depict mathematics. fractals are colourful geometrical shapes that illustrate repeated, similar mathematical processes. a very simple example would be the equations Read More

chaotic thoughts on employment counselling

another live blog from the career management conference! glenn olien works in employment/career counselling in the construction industry warning: aptly, since this is about chaos theory in counselling, these notes will be somewhat chaotic, more than the two live blogs Read More

a gallery of compassion

you may remember that a little while ago, i participated in the compassion project put together by the three monks. we were all asked about presenting our unique thoughts, definitions and views of compassion. i wrote about compassion and social Read More

transformation, chaos, and the straw that breaks the camel’s back

last month, i started a little series on change and transformation, inspired by a post by my blogging friend nancy that asked, how does change occur? that time i talked about the precursors of change – the “rumblings”, so to Read More