best of carnival of eating disorders

welcome to the 24th edition of the carnival of eating disorders! blog carnival has been really problematic for the last few months. so instead of struggling with the blog carnival site, i just went back and looked at some posts from the past that i really enjoyed. here they are: a poem for the buddhist […]

carnival of eating disorders #23 – part 2

here’s part 2 of eating disorders carnival #23, a monthly blog carnival about eating disorders, body image and related issues. part 1 is here. intuitive eating: challenge the food police through thick’n’thin has a series of posts where the book “intuitive eating” by evelyn tribole and elyse resch is discussed. the book contains ‘the in-body […]

2 years of carnival of eating disorders!

welcome to two years of the carnival of eating disorders! yes, it’s been two years as of today. here’s how it all started: if you’re not familiar with blog carnivals, you may think this is an odd name – this link here will tell you more about blog carnivals. this carnival contains articles about bulimia, […]

carnival of eating disorders, november 2008 edition

here is the november edition of the carnival of eating disorders! anorexia and “becoming unspecial” lola snow has a thoughtful post on the notion of being special, something very important for a lot of people who are in the throes of anorexia. some would say that being anorexic is about being special, about showing the […]

carnival of eating disorders on hallowe’en

it’s hallowe’en! i’m busy being a fashion mistake – that’s my costume for this year. this picture gives you a bit of a taste of but it doesn’t show the real nice touches – the smeared rouge, the bags under the eyes, the wool socks over the leopard pyjamas under the fancy black skirt – […]

carnival of eating disorders #20

this month’s carnival of eating disorders is hosted by laura collins at are you eating with your anorexic? please visit, she has done a fantastic job – she’s turned it into an actual carnival! next month’s will be here again, on october 31 – yes, the hallowe’en issue. if you have an article about any […]

carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition – part 2

okay, here we are with part 2 of the 19th carnival of eating disorders. part 1 was about anorexia; this one contains articles on overeating and body image. overeating cravings cravings – your biggest motivator is the title of FitNChic’s article: most people give up their efforts after a while because they feel they are […]

carnival of eating disorders, august 2008 edition

welcome to the august 2008 edition of the carnival of eating disorders! there is a lot of interesting material, so i’ll do the same that i do with the buddhist carnival and present the articles in two different posts. this first post will deal with anorexia. the second will deal with body image and overeating. […]